GUI ScreenIO for Windows


GUI ScreenIO is a screen manager intended for COBOL programmers who want to develop applications for Microsoft Windows.

You do not need a Windows SDK (Software Developer's Kit), nor do you need any knowledge of Windows programming.  GUI ScreenIO handles all of the complexity of working with Windows.


The package includes two components; an editor and a few runtime DLLs.  

You design your panels using the interactive editor, and you call the runtime subroutine we provide to display them.  It's remarkably easy.

The evolution of GUI ScreenIO

We entered the COBOL screen manager market in 1985 with ScreenIO, a programmer-friendly,  character-mode screen manager for DOS.  ScreenIO was extremely popular worldwide, and dominated the COBOL screen manager market for many years.

We learned a great deal from that product and our customers over the years, including how COBOL programmers used the product, and how COBOL programmers (including us) think.

When we decided to develop GUI ScreenIO, we also decided to design it completely from scratch, and to make it as powerful, yet easy-to-use as we possibly could.  We think we succeeded, and we think that GUI ScreenIO is even easier to use than the original ScreenIO! 

We hope - and expect - that you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to develop Windows applications with GUI ScreenIO.

Oh, yes, one more thing - GUI ScreenIO was developed entirely in COBOL!

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