GUI ScreenIO for Windows


Tokens are strings you use in your template where you want the GUI ScreenIO code generator to substitute some other value. 

General format


where name is the name of the token..

For example, when the code generator encounters the token @@PANEL@@ it will substitute the name of the panel.

Token Replaced by:
@@COMPANY-NAME@@ Company name (from computer's registry)
@@CREATE-DATE@@ Date that the program was generated by GUI ScreenIO
@@EVENT-NAME@@ 88-level name of the current menu event
@@EVENT-SWITCH-NAME@@ 88-level name of a menu event-switch, less the trailing portion of -disabled, -enabled -focused -chked -unchk
@@EVENT-TEXT@@ Text label of a menu event, up to 38 characters
@@FIELD-NAME@@ COBOL name of the current control
@@HOT-EVENT-NAME@@ 88-level name of the current hot field event
@@IMAGE-EVENT-NAME@@ 88-level name of the current image field
@@PANEL@@ Current panel's name
@@PANEL-DESCRIPTION@@ Current panel's 60 character panel description
@@PROGRAM-NAME@@ Generated from up to five (5) user-specified characters, plus three (3) sequential digits
@@SELCHANGE-EVENT-NAME@@ 88-level name of the current selection-changed event
@@SELECTOR-EVENT-NAME@@ 88-level name of the current selector field
@@USER-NAME@@ User name (from computer's registry)

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