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The program generator is, basically, a text-assembly engine.  It assembles blocks of predefined COBOL code from a template file into a complete program (or COBOL SECTION) for each of your panels, according to a simple but powerful scripting language.

The template provided with GUI ScreenIO is named STANDARD.GTM.  It is located in the TEMPLATE directory beneath the directory where you installed GUI ScreenIO; usually:

C:\Program Files\GUI ScreenIO\Templates\

If you wish to modify the template we provided, we suggest that you make a copy of it using a different name, and then modify it as you prefer.  The panel editor will list all available templates when you launch the program generator so that you can choose the one you want to use.

Script language

The script statements instruct the program generator when to include optional code that is defined in the template, such as event-handling code, or code to manage your controls.


Template statements

Statement Description
Comment Any text you wish to include in a template. 

Comments begin with a # character and are ignored by the program generator.

Master Defines the outline of a complete COBOL program or SECTION.
Optional code Defines optional code blocks which may be copied into the generated code.
Conditional Determines whether the associated imperative statement is to be executed.
Imperative Causes optional code blocks to be included in the generated code.
Tokens Strings used in your template where you want the GUI ScreenIO program generator to substitute some other value, such as the panel name, wherever the token is encountered.

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