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How to Create a Combobox Control

To create a combobox, select the combobox tool:

Position the mouse cursor to the the upper left corner of your new combobox, press the left button, and drag it as large as you want the dropped down list to be.  The collapsed control will only be as large as the edit control; e.g., only one character high.  

Note:  A common mistake of first time combobox users is to make the VISUAL size of the combobox to be one line tall.  This allows no room for the combobox to expand in the dropped down state.  Remember, the collapsed state will always be one character high, but in the Panel Editor you must drag the control deep enough to show at least a few elements.  (Scroll bars will appear as necessary). In other words, design it for the Dropped Down height.

It is Ok if the dropped down size (as shown in the editor) overlaps subsequent fields.  This is because it will only drop down if it has the focus, and will collapse when the user moves to another field.

(Exception: If you select the "Edit control with list always present" option.  In this case you should not design the control to overlap others as it will never shrink its drop-down out of the way).

When you release button, the editor will ask for the combobox properties to complete the definition.

You can try out your checkbox by selecting Panel/Execute from the menu.

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