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Listbox Controls


A listbox control is used to display a list of items.  Unlike a combobox (which can be a drop-down list), a listbox is always the size that you drew it.  If the number of entries in the list will not fit in the space you reserved on your panel, scrollbars are automatically provided. 

A listbox also permits you to select more than one item, unlike a combobox, which only allows a single selection.

Like a combobox, a listbox must contain a finite number of elements (8,192 elements or 32K of storage, whichever is less); listboxes are usually used for (relatively) small lists.  If you intend to browse a file or to display a list with a very large number of elements (or if you want to display a list with multiple columns), you should consider using the more versatile and powerful listview control. 

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