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Image Control Properties

The items are arranged in alphabetical order.

Item Significance
? Allows you to enter text that will be displayed in a ToolTip when the user pauses the mouse pointer over the control.

Clip image if too large

Clips the portion of the image that is outside the bounds of the control; shows scrollbars so the user can see all of the image.

Center image

Centers the image in the control.

Has a border

Draws a line around the control.

Resize image to fit

Resizes the image to fit inside the control; if the aspect ratio of the control differs from that of the image, the image will appear to be distorted.

Static border appearance

Draws a line around the entire control that looks much like the sunken appearance, but not so pronounced.

Sunken appearance

Draws a border around the control that makes it appear to be sunken.


Displays the image as transparent.
COBOL Field Name COBOL name of your control.  All of the fields in the panel copybook for this control will be prefaced with this name.
Field length (bytes) Size of the COBOL definition in the copybook; used to pass the filename of the image to this control.
Runtime Behavior:

Display filename as ToolTip

Shows the name of the file as a ToolTip when the mouse pointer pauses over the image.
Runtime Behavior:

Return event when clicked

Returns an event if the user clicks on the image, much like a pushbutton control.

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