GUI ScreenIO for Windows

Panel Editor Tools

There are several items on the Tools Menu that can make screen definition faster and more precise. 

The first set of tools we will cover are those that are used to change features of already existing controls.  These are Text Color, Background Color, Use Windows Colors, Font Selector,  and  Use default font.  

These changes will apply to all the controls that are selected.  Similar functionality for individual controls is provided by right clicking any single control. Text color, and Background color set respective colors of the control.  Use Windows colors reverts to default colors.  Similarly, Font selector changes fonts for all selected controls and Use default font reverts to windows default font for all selected controls.  We won't dwell on these here, as they are pretty self explanatory.

Tool Action
Snap Snap Fine/Snap Coarse causes GUI ScreenIO to anchor your controls to an imaginary grid, making it easier for you to line them up.
Value Clause This option displays the values you specified for your controls in the panel editor, so it looks much as it would when your program displays the panel.  You can toggle this option on or off by clicking it.
Clean Up Layout This tool makes it easy for you to force your fields to be aligned horizontally and vertically.
Array Definitions Enables you to create an array of controls.
Program Generator Used to generate a program that will handle your panel(s).  You can create program templates to customize the generated program.
Mass Change Facility The built in Mass Change facility allows you to make changes to all of your panels, or subsets of panels in an automated way.
Your Tools If you use an application profile, (highly recommended), you can add your own tools to the Tools menu.  You can have instant access to your favorite editor or compiler from this menu.

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