GUI ScreenIO Client/Server

Distributing the Network Client

The GUI ScreenIO Network Client may be distributed freely. 

You may redistribute the free version of this file to your users any way you wish, or simply have them obtain the file directly from our web site.  Keys for Licensed clients must be purchased from NORCOM.


Note that occasionally new versions of the client become available from the NORCOM web site.  When this happens, users are free to download the client from our site and install it.  If they have a licensed client, it will continue to be licensed.


Some updates to the Client/Server layer require new clients.  When this happens, upon connecting to a Server that requires a new client, the users web browser will be launched and they will be taken to our website's client upgrade page which explains (in several languages) the need for a newer client.  They can then click on the download button on that page to download and install the revised client.

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