GUI ScreenIO Client/Server

The GUI ScreenIO Network Client

The GUI ScreenIO Network Client is distributed with GUI ScreenIO.

It allows you to run most GUI ScreenIO applications, unchanged, as client/server applications over any TCP/IP network (including the Internet).   Licensed Client provide a totally encrypted data stream for secure communications.

Alternatively, purchasing a Secure Server Layer license will convert ALL clients to Secure Clients.  If the Secure Server License resides on the Server, and each client that connects is forced into Secure Client mode with a fully Encrypted data Stream.

The (licensed) client can be configured so that it connects and automatically launches a specified server application when the user launches the client.  This makes it look and act exactly as though your application was running locally.

If you do not license the client, you must connect manually (it's easy, use File/Connect to... on the main menu and select the server from a list).  Once connected, the (unlicensed) client displays a menu of available applications. 

This shows a client that is connected to our test server, displaying the menu items for this user. 

You launch the application of your choice by pressing its button.  The menu closes, then the first panel of your application appears.  From that point on, it looks and feels exactly as if it were running locally.

When you close your application, the menu will be redisplayed so that you can select another application or exit (log out).

The locked padlock symbol indicates a Secure Encrypted Connection.


The GUI ScreenIO Client is licensed on a per-computer basis. 

Note:  The unlicensed client is suitable for evaluation and for many low-security applications.  You may decide that you can get by with unlicensed clients.

The Unlicensed Client does not provide end-to-end encryption of the data stream unless the server offers the Secure Server Feature.

Also, the unlicensed client does not allow:

All of these limitations may be over come by licensing the client, OR purchasing a license to the Secure Server Feature.

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