GUI ScreenIO for Windows

Distributing Your GUI ScreenIO Application


This is a good time for a final application review to see that your application conforms to Windows standards.

You need to distribute several GUI ScreenIO runtime files along with your application.  The files that are required may vary depending upon the version of Windows in use on the target system.

The easiest way to distribute complex applications is to use commercial installation software.  We use software from Wise to create the GUI ScreenIO installation package.

Required files

Installing the runtime files

Install the runtime DLLs in the same subdirectory as your application's executable files.  It's generally not a good idea to install your runtime files in a Windows subdirectory unless you are familiar with the ramifications of doing so. 

For example, if you install runtime DLLs in the Windows\System32 subdirectory, you may overwrite a later version of the file that is used by other applications, which can cause problems in other applications as well as your own.

All versions of Windows

You must always install these files with your GUI ScreenIO application.

All versions of Windows prior to Windows XP

GUI ScreenIO uses the Microsoft Windows GDI+ API for displaying images.  The required DLL is supplied with Windows XP, but is usually absent on earlier versions of Windows.  You may redistribute the runtime file that we supply with GUI ScreenIO.

Note: In practical terms, you may distribute GDIPlus.dll on all platforms, as long as you place it in the directory with your executable (.EXE) files.  You do not need to make a distinction for Windows XP.  This is because the Windows XP version of gdiplus will already be in memory on an XP platform, as it is loaded by Windows at start up.  The one you install will never be used. This frees you from needing to make two different installers.

If for some reason you do not want to use the version provided by us, you may download the latest version from the Microsoft website on GDI+.  

Note: This file is redistributed by us with permission of Microsoft.

Windows 95

Some Early Windows 95 systems may not have this Microsoft DLL installed.

Download the latest version from the Microsoft website on Windows Sockets 2 Update and follow the instructions there to install this file.

Important Note Regarding CA-Realia COBOL

If your application was developed using CA-Realia COBOL, you should distribute the version of CARCLW60.DLL supplied with your compiler instead of the one provided with GUI ScreenIO.  You may encounter strange runtime errors if you mismatch versions of the CA-Realia runtime DLLs in your distributed application.

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