GUI ScreenIO for Windows


We provide maintenance and technical support for GUI ScreenIO on a subscription basis.

Users of GUI ScreenIO who are current on their maintenance payments are entitled to technical support and may download and install the current version of GUI ScreenIO from the GUI ScreenIO website at any time.  

Purchasing a license for GUI ScreenIO includes maintenance at no charge for one year.  


Norcom periodically updates our website with updated versions of GUI ScreenIO, incorporating enhancements (and bug fixes) to GUI ScreenIO's panel editor and/or runtime DLLs. 

Maintenance Billing

We will send you an invoice to continue your maintenance subscription prior to the expiration of your current subscription.  When we receive payment, we will issue you a new product registration key which will enable you to continue to download updates and new versions from our web site.

Expiration reminder

In the event that you fail to renew your maintenance subscription, the GUI ScreenIO panel editor will warn you that your maintenance subscription is about to expire so that you can contact us to keep your maintenance current.  This protects you if you fail to notify us of address changes, or if did not receive or process your maintenance invoice. 

The reminders will cease shortly after your subscription expires, but the product will continue to operate - you simply won't be able to download new releases.

Expired Maintenance

The registered version of the GUI ScreenIO panel editor will continue to work after your maintenance has expired. 

If your maintenance expires, however, you will be unable to install updated versions of the GUI ScreenIO panel editor or the GUI ScreenIO runtime.  You will not be entitled to bug fixes or new features that we add to the product.

You will also no longer be entitled to receive technical support from Norcom.

Terminating Maintenance

 If you wish to terminate your maintenance, simply disregard the invoice for your annual maintenance fee.

You do not need to notify us if you wish to cancel your maintenance.

Reinstating Maintenance

If you allow your maintenance to lapse, you may reinstate it by paying a fee equal to the sum of unpaid maintenance, not to exceed three (3) years' of accumulated maintenance.

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