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Problem Solving and Technical Support

Having a problem?  Here's how to resolve it.

Join the GUI ScreenIO discussion group

This allows you to get in touch with other people who use GUI ScreenIO, and is a great venue for exchanging information. 

How does the discussion group work? 

Easy.  You register for it at the Norcom list server.

Once your application has been approved, you'll receive an email that tells you how to use the list, how to post an article, and how to unsubscribe from the list.

If you want to post a question or comment, you mail it to the list server, and the list server will forward it to all of the other users on the list. 

Your email address will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than GUI ScreenIO information. 

Can't figure out how to make something work?

Check the documentation

If you can't easily find what you want, use the Index or our extensive full-text Search capabilities to locate the information you need.

Review the sample programs

Most people find the sample programs are helpful.  Install them on your system, compile, and run them. 

It's often illuminating to follow the logic using your interactive debugger; single-stepping through a program can be very instructive. 

Try the Program Generator

GUI ScreenIO's program generator will produce code that contains the structure needed to handle a panel, including the controls and menu items it contains.  This could help a great deal when you're trying to figure out how to make something  work - just let the program generator do most of the work!

Use your COBOL Debugger - Please!

The interactive debugger that is included with your COBOL compiler is one of the most valuable tools you have available to you. 

We've been selling and supporting proprietary software products for nearly 20 years, and it's utterly remarkable how often we encounter developers who have never investigated the interactive source-level debugger that comes with their COBOL compiler. 

We've introduced hundreds - if not thousands - of developers (kicking and screaming all the way) to their debuggers, where they've been astounded at what they've been missing.

If you aren't using your debugging tools, you have absolutely no idea what is really going on in your programs

You just think you do. 

And, you'll often be wrong.  After all, it's not working the way you expected, is it?

Seriously, we could never have created GUI ScreenIO without the interactive debugger that's part of our COBOL compiler.  If you've never used yours, take an hour or two and learn to use it.  You'll be glad you did.

See the Problems page

We have hints and links that may help you solve the problem.

Obtaining Technical Support

Email is the preferred method of obtaining technical support.  Norcom provides timely and competent technical assistance via email at:

Many emails are answered within hours, even on weekends.

Technical Support Policy

You'll find our technical support is excellent.  If you think you need help, email us and we'll give you a hand!  We're easy to reach and quite responsive.

We do, however, ask that you read the documentation before you contact us.  We have tried to address all of the potential problems developers encounter, and will be adding to the problem-solving pages as we perceive the need.

We won't debug your software for you, so don't send us source code unless we request it. 

We certainly hope that you've used your interactive debugger to try to figure out what's wrong if it's appropriate.  Most problems turn out to be rather simple programming errors that are easy to find with an interactive debugger.

"Technical support" does not include hours on the telephone giving you a tutorial on using GUI ScreenIO!

Technical Support for other vendors' products

We simply don't have the resources to teach you COBOL or how to use your COBOL compiler, nor do we have the resources to teach you how to use add-on products such as Microsoft HTML Help, Microsoft FrontPage, or others. 

You should contact the appropriate vendor for technical support on products you obtained from other sources.

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