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GUI ScreenIO Documentation

This is a web page interface to the GUI ScreenIO documentation. 

It's on our website so that you can preview it; if you want the documentation to look its best and give the fastest response time, you should install the documentation on your local machine by going to the download page.

Fonts and appearance issues

We use cascading style sheets to define the appearance of our website and documentation.  Unfortunately, not all browsers implement css correctly, plus there are a myriad of other browser-specific issues regarding the appearance of a web page. 

Our documentation was designed to look best when viewed on your local system using the standard Microsoft Html Help viewer, which is present on most systems.


If the documentation cannot be viewed with your browser, you can either upgrade your browser or go to the download page to install the documentation and view it locally.

This web page interface to the GUI ScreenIO documentation uses the Microsoft Html Help Java applet to display the documentation.  Some browsers do not support Java, and will be unable to display the Web documentation, or may display it incorrectly.

If you don't have Java, your browser should automatically take you to the Java site to obtain the plugin you need.

We have successfully tested this web page interface with the current versions of:

If you can not run the Java plugin you can find a simplistic Table of Contents HERE.

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