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COBClean COBOL Code Reformatter

Product Description

COBClean is a program that cleans up COBOL source code.   It does not alter program logic; it isn't a restructuring tool.  If the program is spaghetti code, it will still be spaghetti code when COBClean is done with it.   But, at least the code will be far easier to read after COBClean straightens out the formatting. 

COBClean also makes it easy to apply site standards to your COBOL source code.

COBClean saves time when you're coding COBOL programs or making changes to programs because you can concentrate on the logic of your program, and not bother worrying about formatting the code. COBClean takes care of reformatting your code into a clean, consistent, professional, and presentable style which enhances readability and maintainability.

Why waste your time painstakingly inserting spaces trying to properly indent or reformat source code to adhere to standard programming practices when COBClean can do it for you in a flash?

COBClean does not change the way your program works, it's a text processor for COBOL programs.  COBClean can:

  • Enforce shop standards.

  • Improve the readability of old programs.

  • Clarify the structure of programs by applying consistent indentation.

  • Renumber paragraphs and sections to simplify program maintenance.

  • Fully support the COBOL '85 standard (scope delimiters, inline PERFORM, etc.).

  • Consistently enforce upper/lower case selection.

  • Add or remove sequence numbers on program statements.

COBClean works on any ANSI COBOL source code, mainframe, mini or micro. Reads and writes standard text source code files.


COBClean is normally used as a Windows executable but DOS versions are also included.  Many shops download COBOL programs from the mainframe, clean them, and then upload the cleaned code back to the mainframe platform.

If you prefer to run COBClean on your mainframe/non-PC platform, you can.   COBClean is written in ANSI COBOL and, if you purchase a source code license, you can compile it for use on any platform that supports ANSI COBOL.  You can also modify the source code to accommodate nonstandard implementations of COBOL.


Want to try it?

You can either download the CobClen application and install it. (Its limited to 900 lines of code or less), and if you decide to buy we will send you a key that removes this limitation.

Or you can use our  GUI ScreenIO Network Client and run the Full Version of CobClen on our server.

With this second method, you will be able to run the full version of CobClen with large COBOL programs.  Remember CobClen does not alter your original source code, it produces an output file that does not conflict with your input file so you can evaluate the changes.

To use the Network Client method, first download the free client and install it.  (It can be easily uninstalled if you wish).

Launch the client, and on the File menu, select Connect To:

  • In the Server Name field enter:
  • Leave the default port set at 1875
  • In the User ID field enter COBCLEN
  • Enter in the password field: demo
  • Click the Connect button.

A menu (with only one item) will appear:  Click the Cobclen item, and Cobclen will launch on your computer.

Use the Select... button at the upper right to navigate to your source code.  Select the file in the normal way and click the Clean button at the bottom. and examine the results in a file of the same name as your source program but with an extension of .CLN.  It will be located in the same directory as your source code.

Experiment with some of the other settings to find a result you like.

Our system does not retain any copy of your source code after the cleaning is finished.











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