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GUI ScreenIO

GUI ScreenIO is a screen manager intended for COBOL programmers who want to develop applications for Microsoft® Windows®.

The programming interface is clear, consistent, very straightforward, and pure COBOL.  It's fair to say that, once you have the general idea of how to use GUI ScreenIO - which won't take long - you'll rarely need to refer to the documentation.  It's that simple.  Honest.

You do NOT need a Windows SDK (Software Developer's Kit), nor do you need any knowledge of Windows programming.  GUI ScreenIO handles all of the complexity of working with Windows.

This image is a partial screen shot of the GUI ScreenIO panel editor, with two panels open for editing.  The panel editor itself is a GUI ScreenIO application, written entirely in COBOL.

Using GUI ScreenIO 

Design your panels using our WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interactive panel editor.  The editor displays the panels just as your user would see them under control of your program.  It's easy to add standard Windows controls, arrange them, set colors and fonts, include text for ToolTips, and in general arrange your panel the way you want it to look.  See our list of Features.

You can even execute your panel in the editor and see how it will behave under control of your program. 

Generate programs

Even though GUI ScreenIO programs are amazingly simple, it's even easier to have the panel editor create the shell of a program to handle your panels.  The generated program is very clean, easy to read, well commented, and will compile and run your panel, unchanged. 

All you need to do is to add your business logic, and you're well on the way to developing your Windows application.

GUI ScreenIO's program generator is template-based; it's very easy to modify the template so that it produces COBOL programs that conform to your own standards or preferences.

Display your panels

GUI ScreenIO handles all of the low-level Windows details for you.  You just call our runtime subroutine to display the panel; when it returns, it tells you why (usually, the user pressed a button or selected something from the menu), and it returns your data in your panel copybook.  It's much like record-oriented I/O to a file, but simpler. 

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GUI ScreenIO was developed entirely in COBOL using the CA-Realia II Workbench.











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